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Friendship Chat Admins

Meet the team who help to ensure The Friendship Page Chat is safe and friendly for all. :) Just click on a picture to learn more about an Admin or scroll down to read about all the Admins. You can also read about the Admin nomination process and Admin team roles.
You can contact us at Enjoy!

The Chat Admin Team!


Debs (USA)

Loonie (Aust)


Janet (Aust)

Lostsoul (USA)

Errin (Asia Pacific)


Patc (USA) (on leave)




Debs - USA
Chat Co-Manager & Chat Help Emails.
Admin since: May 2001. Chatter since: Jan 2000.

Married mom, mid 50's hailing from the USA. I have been a part of the Friendship Chat Room since 2000, brought there originally as a guest by chatter Crash. The many friends that I have made through this room will no doubt be friends that I will have for a lifetime. I hope that anyone who comes into our room will feel the warmth and friendship from all of our Admin Team and our regular chatters too! So come on in but be warned Ė our room is quite addicting!

  Loonie - Australia
Chat Co-Manager .
Admin Sept 2011 - current. EA: April 2011 - Sept 2011. Admin: Jan 2010 - April 2011; April 2009 - June 2009.

Hi I'm loonie. Yep, still loonie by name loonie by nature, just a bit †more loonie then when I first started chatting †here ha-ha. I started chatting in FP just after my 18th (could be 19th haaa) birthday & †I'm now 27. ( you do the maths :P ) Proves how addictive the room is though!†
†I'm married & have a †little girl who is as mad as myself, & †will be turning 3 in a few months. (yay) Not sure how I feel about that part of life. (The growing up) † ;) I'm originally from the UK but moved over to Australia back in 2010, which was pretty life changing! As you may have noticed in the room I am a little bit out there & have a straight to the point attitude , but believe it or not I can be really nice if I feel like it. :P On a serious note I am easy going & always free for a chat & laughs, always the laughs. Soo if you feel like a bit of silly random talk feel free to log in & have a chat to myself & the other awesome chatters in the room. :) (I'll stop talking now) †Have fun!†

Janet - Australia
Admin since: Jan 2006. Chatter since: Jan 2004.

hi im janet and ive been a regular in fp for the past 2yrs.. alot of u might know my sister libby.. im 28 married with 3 kids. anyways i love chatting.. reading...driving... and also sleeping in lmao dont we all.... ive met some really nice people in here over the past 2 yrs and many more people to meet. Pic of Janet & bub

  Patc - USA
Admin since: June 2006. Chatter since: Jan 2005. Rookie mentor.

I'm Patsy, I'm 71 yrs. old. I live in southern USA. I have 3 grown children, all married with their own families & a 16 yr. old son I adopted when he was 2 . I have†3 dogs & 2 cats. Ten yrs. ago I was looking for a pen pal &†I found this Friendship site. I've met some wonderful friends here. Just come in , introduce yourself, learn the regulars & the new friends here. I promise, you'll enjoy your time with us. Invite your family & friends to join us here also. You'll see why we claim to be the "Best" friendship site. Thanks

Admin current. (aka Grumpy Old Man)

I have been a regular for over 2 years although Iíve coming in longer than that to torment the staff; just donít tell them I said that. The staff and regular chatters are who kept me coming back to FP. I enjoy learning about people, where they are from and how things are different where they live. Iíve traveled some in my younger years and know some things about a few places, so donít be surprised if I ask you a question or two or three and make a comment about where you live. Remember to tell your friends about Friendship Page the more chatters who show up the more chatters I can tease.

Admin: March 2015 - current.

Hi, Iím 39, a mom of 3 lovable ducklings, loves to hang out with friends and have coffee.. I Never thought of finding a chat room as safe and enjoyable as Friendship Chat, always keeps me company, im a certified Iíll be happy to sing for you as a welcome just be sure you have† your earplugs on. You will love the chat room ,a great community online. Lovable people and gain friends, come and join us and lets have a wonderful chat.


Coming soon!

Emergency Admins (EAs)


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

The Friendship Page Owner

  Berri - Australia

Otherwise known as Bron, I'm the friendly person who runs The Friendship Page, including Friendship Chat. I enjoy smiling copiously, consuming ice-cream, and being conspicuously absent from chat whilst answering my emails. Yearning for more info? Visit The Friendship Page Team. :)

To contact me confidentially, email (however, please send normal issues/complaints to

Joining the Admin Team

Being an Admin is a rewarding and challenging job that comes with much responsibility, so it is important we have the right people on the team. Potential admins will now need to be nominated by chatters, rather than nominating themselves. This allows everyone to have more of a say in the process. This is what will happen:

  1. Regular chatter nominates you. You'll need to be over 18 and a regular room chatter for over 6 months.
  2. The Admin team will determine if your nomination will progress.
  3. If you're approved, you will be asked if you're interested in a "Rookie" position on the team (see below for more info about Rookies).
  4. After three months of being a Rookie, you, the Managers and the Admin team will decide if you're best suited to Admin, EA or regular chatter.

So if you know someone who'd be a great Admin or EA, please nominate them by filling out the Rookie Nomination Form. You'll need to include the following information:

  1. Chatters Screen Name (who are you nominating)
  2. Their Age
  3. Their Location
  4. How long have they been chatting with FP
  5. Why you feel they would make a good Rookie/Admin/EA
  6. Their email address to confirm and contact if they would like to join the team
  7. Your chat name

About the Admin Team Roles

Rookie Admin - 3 month probation period (RA)

We will be bringing on new potential admins called Rookies shown as [username-RA]. They will have a different colour to their icon. Admins icons being red, theirs will be white. Rookies will be a trainee position, or a 3 month learning period to get used to the room.

First month - only to access the room as Rookie while Debs, Village_Idiot or Mr. Spock is available. A Manager will be your Mentor to help guide you during the whole 3 months.

Second and Third month - only access the room when any other admin is available. You will be then monitored by other Admins. You will be expected to take what you've learnt from the first month to apply, how you so wish, to any situation you come across within the last two months.

At the end of the probation period we will review your progress and decide whether or not to have you as a more permanent member of the team. It is important that you understand that we cannot guarantee you a place on the team. You will not automatically be given full Admin privileges - either as EA or Regular Admin.

Rookie Privileges. What you will be able to do: Kick, Silence/Voice, Speak as System Speaker, Used Canned Messages, See IP's that enter, and normal chatter controls.

Emergency Admin (EA)

This is not a lower status to Regular Admin. This is not a stepping stone to jump to Regular Admin.

Only to be used in an emergency - either when another Admin requires help or if there is no Admin available and there's a problem in the room when a Rookie Admin is in.. Otherwise, please use normal chatroom username. This position has a lot less pressure than normal Admin.

Assisting Rookie Admins. This will be the only time where you are allowed to sit in the room as an EA. Please allow Rookies to deal with a problematic person and then step in to ban if needed. You are only there as back up.

Regular Admin

The is no limitation as to when you can or cannot be Admin. You can come in when you are available.

Assist Rookie Admins - Please allow Rookies to deal with a problematic person and then step in to ban if needed. You will only be required to back them up.

EA and Regular Admin Privileges. What you will be able to do: Ban. Kick. View IP numbers. Silence/Voice. Change names. Admin speaker notice. View Admin notice. Speak as system speaker. Admin Macros. Cloak*. View cloaked Admins. Normal chatter controls. Access to the Remote Admin Console. *Only when necessary.

What you won’t be able to do: View Transcripts. Subnet Bans. Grant Admin privileges.

EA and Regular Admin's Other Requirements

Report all bans: including ones done on your behalf for Rookie Admins. Nominate and vote for new recruits. Based on attributes and positive judgements. Discuss reasons for nominations. Review Rookie Admins progress. Email good and bad points of each RA to either Debs or Village_idiot. Give reasons why you feel they should or should not be considered for a permanent position. Discuss any issue regarding FP. Giving new ideas, suggestions and anything else that will help better the chatroom. Discuss problem areas and how you feel they would best be solved, including who you feel should be given an instant ban and give reasons.

Accountability For Admin Team††††††

†† While the Admins and EAs are the leaders of our community, chatters are on equal footing - weíre all involved in nurturing our friendly community!† So itís important to know that Admins are held accountable for their actions.† Where several serious complaints are made for inappropriate conduct against a current Admin or current EA to chathelp, there will be a process followed.†

We encourage Admins to be active in the room, joining often to carry out their duties and help other chatters.† However, we understand that life brings different priorities at different times and wish to support our Admins.† Admins who need to take a break from the room but still wish to remain on the team can take the option to go Ďon leaveí.† This status will be reflected on the main page, and they will in effect be on holidays.† Admins are welcome to return from leave when they are able.† If Admins wish to go on leave or return to the team, they just need to email the team or chathelp.† To be fair to other team members, Admins may be removed from the team at the Managersí discretion if they donít join the room for an extended period of time without any communication.

Recent Past Admins

Take a trip down memory lane with a look at some of our past Admins who have helped to make The Friendship Page Chat the place it is today. Visit Past Admins.

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