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About The Friendship Page

Our Background & Vision

Established in 1996 and now welcoming over 8 million visitors annually, The Friendship Page is run by Australian business Global Friendship. The term "business" in this case must be construed widely, as Global Friendship is not set up for profit, but rather aims to facilitate friendship and goodwill the world over. Through celebrating the topic of friendship, we are passionately dedicated to promoting a culture of peace and acceptance between people of all nationalities and ages.

Our Team

As a non-profit website, we rely on our cheerful team of dedicated volunteers from all corners of the world (some pictured). Meet our friendly faces at Our Team.

Our Awards

The Friendship Page has receieved publicity and accolades worldwide, ranging from major newspapers including The Atlanta Journal-Consitution (USA) to radio such as ABC Radio National (Australia).

Positions Vacant

Want to make a difference in the world? Join our friendly team - and help spread peace and friendship to thousands of people! We have positions to suit everyone, including Admins, Translators and Web Design.


We encourage diversity at The Friendship Page. To view our site in a language other than English, please visit our Translation section.


We thank Polson & Co for encouraging global peace through generously sponsoring The Friendship Page. Polson & Co are Australasia's leading source of Human Resource Development talent. They supply top quality resources on a consulting, contract or permanent hire basis. For certain causes, they can provide consultants at no charge. To learn more, please visit Polson & Co.

Make Contact

If you have an organisation with a similar philosophy, or would just like to learn more about Global Friendship, we'd love to hear from you. Please Contact Us or consider visiting our Support & Help Us section.

Thanks - we hope you enjoyed our creation! :)

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