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Accolades & Reviews

The Friendship Page has received enthusiastic support from all around the globe since it began in 1996. Leading portal call us "the biggest potpourri of material relevant to friendship on the web", and we are currently ranked #1 in the world for "friendship" in search engines including MSN, Yahoo, LookSmart and Google.

We have been reviewed or publically supported by a vast array of media, including:

Sofcom Pick of the Net

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RSACi rated safe for All Ages
In 2000, Bronwyn Polson was shortlisted for the Foundation for Young Australians Individual Achiever Award for her work in producing The Friendship Page. She has been interviewed by ABC Radio National Australia and The Herald-Sun Australia as part of research on friendship.

If you see The Friendship Page publicised online or offline, please let us know! Thanks everyone for your support! :)

Some comments from our readers:

"Dude! My friend, you are cool. At a time when I was about to lose all respect for the world, and the people in it; at a time of pain and anguish (the shootings in Colorado and Alberta) and hate, I find your site and everything is cool again. There are people in this world who feel compassion, and love. I'm so overwhelmed with it...really a divine creation. It was the perfect solution to an afternoon at my firend's house. So we sit here now, smiling and enjoying eachothers company, knowing we really know what friendship is, and knowing that though we are not the only ones who experience it, our friendship is surreal, and perfect, and priceless. So thankyou for your effort and time and creativity. And thankyou for your wonderfullness! Thankyou for sharing your love and allowing others to share theirs. :)" - Geri Bekker, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you for this great web site. ...I am hoping that this will get to you and you will be able to know what a difference the room has made to many of us. There are many rooms out there in cyber space and I have found myself a lot of times feeling that I "just didn't belong" there -- but when I came to the Friendship Room it was like I had found the place I was supposed to be in! You did a great job and you should be very proud of what you have accomplished." - Debbie, Australia

"Your Homepage on Friendship is just is so good to see that there are still people worried with simple concepts of life such as love and friendship....Congratulations for all the beauty I could find there..." - Cristina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I came across your webpage while I was looking for some quotes to use in a speech. I loved everything you had! I cried so hard that I never got to pick out any quotes! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do something on the internet that is ethical and worthwile! Thanks again!" - Aimee Stenz

"I think your page is absoulutely wonderful. You see so many bad things on the internet, but a web page on friendship is totallly wonderful. I have a very good friend who is moving away soon and I wanted to make a collection of friendship quotes, poems, and songs. This page was perfect." - Robert Malkin

"Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your site through 1998 and look forward to more in '99. I really have made some GREAT contacts through this Find-A-Friend site. I've made wonderful friends in Australia (2) and Canada, Japan, and the USA. I write to them daily and we have had so much fun getting to know each other. Thank you and may the Good Lord take a liking to you." - Marge Tindal in Florida, USA

"This is the best page... in my teaching I revolve everything around the theme of Friendship... your page is such a treasure for myself and my students! Thank you for bringing such an important theme to the web and making it a great resource as well." - Mike Coombe

" day I decided to go to a chat room. I was looking for info on how to start an internet business. What I found was the friendship page. I was accepted immediately. I was treated so nice and all of a sudden had more friends that I ever thought possible. Since then I am in the room almost daily. And I feel that all the ppl there that I love the most are truely a part of my life. In fact i'm not quite sure what I'd do without them all..." - Lasirina

"bronwyn, hi, you don't know me. my name is vivien. i was having a bad day, but i was looking at quotes on the web and i just saw your friendship page and it really cheered up my day. i just wanted to write and say "thank you!"" - Vivien Tai-Gee Ho

"Hi ... I just wanted to tell u that I absolutely LOVE your friendship page, I go to it at LEAST once a day, and it has helped me a lot through some tough times I have been having with my best friend. I would love to see it being updated, and lots of more wonderful poems. Please, keep up the good work : )" - Jackie McGovern (age 17)

"Hey, your web site was so awesome. I loved every bit of it. The writings, quotes, stories, etc. were so cool. I printed them and sent them to so many other people. You sound like a really fun person. You talked and acted "in the now" it wasn't like old people trying to act like a kids, the web site wasn't boring at all. It applies to teenagers lives, and so every part was interesting. It is an awesome web page, you did great work." - Britany (age 14)

Thanks everyone :)

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