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Friendship Poetry: Help

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Submitting & Using Poetry


We occasionally accept friendship poetry submissions from readers. Just choose the most appropriate category for your poem, click on the link below, and make sure you write the category in your email. Please also include: Poem title, Author's name and Topic. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that your poem will be displayed, as the waiting list is very long. Thanks for your understanding :)

Click on a Friendship Poetry Category below to submit a poem:

  • Best Friends - For poetry tributes about your closest friends
  • Broken Friendships - Poetry about friendship gone wrong
  • Love - When friendship turns into love...
  • Family - Friendships within your family
  • Goodbye - Poetry about a friend graduating, moving or leaving
  • General - General thoughts and definitions on friendship
  • Popular - Famous and sometimes anonymous poetry circulated via email, web & books

If you have any problems, please contact us, specifying the poetry section. Thanks! :)

Using Poetry

Can I copy and use a poem?

Poems may be copied and used for personal (ie to give to a friend), educational (ie for a school assignment), or community (ie for a club) use, provided full credit is given to both the author and ~The Friendship Page~ as source. Poetry may not be used for commercial purposes. Please note that all poetry retains the copyright and remains the property of the author concerned.
If in doubt, please contact us, specifying the poetry section. Thank you for your cooperation! :)

How do I copy the poem?

Just go to the appropriate page and either print or download (using save_as) the poem. If you want to send the poem to someone special, click on "Send to a friend! :)" down the bottom of each page. I can't send out poetry to you personally, sorry! :)

Click here to send this page to a friend! :)

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