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Beginnings - Mycool
Be This Way - Shoji Ogata

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"this was written to the love of my new life."


Although I can see
Your beautiful face,
And I remember the feel
Of your warm embrace.

When ever I think
Of you,
I always do.

My heart beats
Like tribal drums,
I miss you so much
As I start to hum.....

Those songs that seem
Written just for us,
You know the ones
I'm sure you must.

These words in rhyme
Come from my heart,
Which is aching now
Because we're apart.

How I long
For the day,
When your all
Here to stay.

For my life with you
And Matt and Brea,
Couldn't get any better
Well not for me.

There's a lump in my throat
As tears start to well,
For missing you
Feels like hell.

So please say
We'll stay together,
Both day and night
Forever and ever.

With these thoughts
Clear in my mind,
I'll rest my head
The dreams I find.

Will keep me happy
While your away,
For you to be here
Is all I pray.

Marianne I love you
I truly do,
Will you marry me
Please say yes say I do.

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Be This Way
Shoji Ogata

Did it have to be this way?
I saw you the other day,
I noticed things I didn't before,
It seems I have walked through a different door.

I watched your lips move as I fell in to,
In to a daze, in to confuse,
Did you have any clue?
It must be a path I had to choose.

These feelings I must share,
Each day I feel deeper,
That you are the keeper,
You are the one I must care.

Your wings sore upon me,
You shed light upon thee,
Joy that I feel,
So before you I kneel,
I ask "Will you hold my hand and never let go?"
The answer I will never really know.

If you tell me I will forget,
But if you show me I will know,
To this I owe you a debt,
Hope fully you won't say no.

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