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Her Best Friend - Ness
Thoughts of Love - Samantha

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Her Best Friend

She crys but nobody sees her tears
He holds her hand so innocently- cannot realise
It is for him
She sits here now and cries.
When her face looks saddened he replaces her smile-
Without a clue
It is for him she is upset-
For she cannot speak whats true.
Being with him means the world to her
Yet it hurts her beyond words too
For she silently longs to say the words-
"I am in love with you."

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"I wrote this is my journal, not thinking I was writing a poem, but it turned out to be one. I'm kind of an amature when it comes to poetry writing, so think of that when you read this. I'd like to dedicate it to the guy it was written for....."

Thoughts of Love (previously Untitled)

I wonder if he realizes how much I care about him...
That I spend hours thinking about him...
Hours talking about him.
I wonder if he realizes that all my friends know all about him,
But he doesn't even know them.
Does it even cross his mind that someone right under his nose cares so much for him?
That everything makes me think of him....
Many song lyrics remind me of him.
Does it occur to him that the person who loves him is right in front of him?
I guess it's not that obvious.
One day I'll tell him everything...
How I've day-dreamed about us being together...
That I've dreamt of kissing him or being in his arms...
Maybe one day I'll tell him,
But today is not that day.

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