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My One True Love - Justin
The Death of Me - Meg

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My One True Love

Throughout my short existence,
I've found but one true love,
Someone who fits me perfectly,
Just like a rubber glove.

This person is someone I trust,
Someone who's always there,
Someone who I can turn to,
Through darkness and despair.

I've known since I first met her,
I love her oh so much,
I long for her to love me,
And to feel her gentle touch.

She says that she still loves me,
Yet just wants to be my friend,
But I know that I'll still love her,
Until the very end.

I wish that I could have her,
As my very own,
But I guess I had my chance,
And I guess that chance was blown.

This girl I love so very much,
Means more to me than ever,
And I hope deep down inside,
That one day we'll be together.

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"This poem is about feelings for my best friend that have recently surfaced after several years of friendship."

The Death of Me

Everything you could have been
Everything you'll be.
Everything you dream about
And everything you see.
All the times you feel so much
And times you let them go.
Times you thought you wanted love
And times you'll never know.
Parts of you, you cannot hide
Parts I'll never see.
Parts that want to be alone
And parts you share with me.
All these things that make you whole
I love like no one could.
And this is why I dream of you
In ways a lover would.
For friends is not enough for me
I know that it's been years.
But love has grown to more than this
Despite my greatest fears.
Take a look behind these eyes
And see the death of me.
The love I feel for my best friend
Though he will never see.

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