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Will We Ever - Angy Rose
Too Much I Give But Pain I Gain - Fides

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"This poem is about my best friend and how i feel about her."

Angy Rose

Will we ever touch and hold hands,
will we ever walk in the sand...
will we ever walk along the beach,
so we can have memories for us to reach.
will we always be in a huddle
so we can never kiss and cuddle.
Will we ever dance in the moonlight,
or even make love during the night.
Will we always be this way,
where we never speak what we feel,or not know what to say...

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Assessing myself as I looked nowhere
Asking myself why I felt tormented
As well as of remorse thinking my fate
Endless acts of giving indeed been laid
A message to convey of your importance…

At times don’t want to think taken for granted
At times I felt it was all just an act from you
Trying to reciprocate my deeds as to repay
Just to pleased the promises only at first
But it was put aside once more until piled…

Courage I’m waiting for me to open-up
Reasons why I start to change of direction
Our friendship we built I want for keeps
But the feeling I have need to extinguish
I can’t imposed my rights for I really don’t have…

The fault is within me for I care too much
I give too much but I found myself hurt
High expectations I regard from your side
Deep within me I knew it is awkward
My thoughts for you now, its time to set it free…

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