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Does It? - Anon
Someday - Stephanie Kennerley

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Does It?
© Anon

I guess Iím not quiet sure when I started feeling this way again
I thought itíd be easier if we could just be friends, the best
But as I see you almost every day and seem to hear your voice
Iím drawn back into you
I wish that I was herówith you once again
With your arms holding me tight and feeling like there wasnít anything I couldnít do
I still have our little jokes and late night chats
I know that I can still come to you with all of my problems, fears, and joys
But I need you more than that--- I need you as my other half
As my boyfriend
And I donít know if thatíll ever happen again
And if it doesnít Iím not quite sure what Iíll do
But until that time it never hurts to dream
Does it?

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"I wrote this poem about a close friend of mine, after knowing I was in love with him for about half a year. It's supposed to be saying that when everything is perfect, I'll have him. But not until, because he can't see the way things could work between us. When things are perfect, all he'll see is me. That's what this poem is supposed to mean."

Stephanie Kennerley

When the world is warm
And the flowers are full in bloom
You'll come to be with me
And finally you may see
All that I can be for you

When the days are long
And the sun shines brightly in the sky
You'll look at me the way I look at you
And see me the way that I see you
A beautiful being to me

When the full moon shines
And reflects beautifully on the bay
You'll look into my eyes, and say you love me
And tell me all that you want to be
And see I'd do anything for you

When my dreams have been realized
And everything is right with the world
You'll see deep within my heart is you
And know there's nothing I won't do
And just the same, love me

When the earth and heaven are one
And we all walk together hand in hand
You'll have a place in your heart for me
But for now, it's only just a dream
Until you see how I care for you

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