Love & Friendship

My Friend - Kyra
Mine - Anon


1996, Kyra

I would hate to say it,
but our friendship just can't last.
The wonderful times we shared together,
have faded to the past.

I told you it would happen,
that our friendship was bound to end.
Although I know you care,
I cannot consider you as a friend.

Please don't try to argue,
just try to understand.
That time can change people,
as the tide can change the sand.

Our friendship has been lovely,
but you see it has an end.
For now I fell in a different way,
I've fallen in love with you my friend.

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Can you please put this on your page so I can show my first love and best friend how much he means to me????


1998, Anon

I know that you notice me
our eyes lock everyday.
But fear of being rejected is keeping me away.
I feel I have a burning desire
way down deep.
I wish we had a love to share,
a love to save and keep.
I want to be together now,
going with the flow
and sometimes, I wonder how,
we can make it go.
You're the one,
I'd give the sun.
Even the old pale moon.
If only for a second,
we'd be together soon.

Then one night you
whispered those words I've longed to hear.
"I love you"
but, you don't love me, my dear.
That was long ago,
the feelings all to clear.
I know now you meant those words
and how you'd draw me near.
But once you got attached on me,
I had to let you go.
Because of a higher power,
and of things we did not know.

We were friends,
the best ever made.
But, I remember those words,
in my heart they're saved.
But now you say,
that you were thinking,
and take those thoughtful words away.
My heart is now sinking.
It killed me inside,
I ran to hide,
>From you, what could I say??
How could you take back such a thing?
Three little words, that to me, meant EVERYTHING.

We had our fun, and now you see,
you come running back to me.
Now you know you meant those words you said,
I had the rage to scream out, in my head.
Not for long,
my rage burned,
and you foung out, your love was returned.

I wrote this about my first love [Tim]. I want him to know how much I still care for him and love him....Tim, I love you with all my heart!! No matter what!!

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