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Friends Forever - Mariah Hinshaw
To the Class of 99 - Kt Neill

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Friends Forever
Mariah Hinshaw

~Here is a poem I wrote to say good-bye to my friends before graduation.~

We will be friends forever
Amigos, buddies, pals
Where you are, I’ll be
No matter how many miles
We will be friends forever
No matter how many mistakes you or I make
Because as long we are friends
There’s nothing we couldn’t take
We will be friends forever
No matter where we’ll be
Because when we leave one another behind
You’ll be in the heart of me
We will be friends forever
No matter how old we are
Because when you’re friends forever
You’ll never be too far

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To the Class of 99
Kt Neill

i wrote this for my 8th grade class

you helped me laugh
you dried my tears
because of you
i have no fears
together we live
together we grow
teaching each other
what we must know
you came in my life
and i was blessed
i luv you friend
you are the best
release my hand
and say good-bye
please my friend
don't you cry
i promise you this
it's not the end
'cause like i said
you're my friend

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