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Last Days - Laarnie Simbulan
A Graduate's Recollection - Holly Elizabeth Thoede

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Last Days
Laarnie Simbulan

Moving on and meeting new people
Seems like the most interesting thing
New buddies, new galpals
A whole new world to explore

At first, tears never came and overflowed
All there was was excitement
Laughter, amazement and gladness
For the final year in high school's about to be uncovered

But during the last days, things changed.
Memories and good times of the past shone,
Clouded our minds as we thought of leaving
While all the emotions altogether brewed.

All of a sudden, tear-floods overflowed, unmanageable.
Rivers of crystalline tears mixed with sobs,
Reminiscing the past seemed to be hard.
To grasp the thought was unbearable.

"Why do I cry?", I asked.
I always wanted to leave, didn't I?
"Can't wait to get out of here" were my initial words
But why and why now are my questions.

Sadness creeps in and heart full of sorrow
As I sat with clouded eyes, still crying.
Nothing will be lost, I thought.
All's well. I'll look forward to tomorrow.

All of these are foolish things to say.
Foolish...fooling myself is what I'm doing.
All the friends and teachers that I've known
Cannot be replaced in any way.

Sure, new experiences will come.
But will these outshine the old ones?
Love and understanding have grown for five years.
Hard to comprehend why it's all ending.

Life goes on, they say.
But now all I want is life to be as it is.
Joy fills my heart in this place.
Nothing more to ask for, I prayed. goodbye
In these last few days of woe and sorrow.
Tears mixed with laughter echoes in the halls
As the cover closes in the final days of this chapter.

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A Graduate's Recollection
Holly Elizabeth Thoede

As the doors opened
We all ushered in-
Scared, unsure
A sense of eagerness within.

Our lives once separate
Had converged into one;
We'd all be with each other
Until the day we'd be done.

The journey started off easy
Laughing and having fun,
Algebra I, and General Science
We'd only just begun.

Sophomores already!
Brand new challenges to face;
Harder schedules with a hall upstairs
Losing and adding some classmates.

Junior year arrived,
Marking the second half of the long haul.
Ring orders and the expectations of prom
Bringing much excitement to all.

Step-Up Day- Another turning point
Wow- It is here at long last!
The newest seniors wonder
Where the years went so fast!

Seniors experience...

Time whirling on
As do the hands of a clock
Not even the strongest or most powerful
Could ever make it stop.

I process up the aisle,
Wistfully wiping tears from my eyes
Must we leave after four short years?
For some of us, it's been five.

We leave behind a legacy
Like no other class before
And we, the Sunshines of 1999
Know that there is much more in store

Though like the sea we may part
I beg of you to try
Hold the memories close in heart
As we simply say "good-bye."

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