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Graduation Day - Anon
Graduation Time - Melanie

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Graduation Day

weird how time passes by so fast
all of a sudden the present becomes the past

we've prepared for this day for years
although we hadn't prepared for so many tears

looking back at the football games and that school dance
suddenly we wish we had just one more chance

all we've got left are memories of the good times
it's sad to hear the bells last chime

now it's time to say goodbye to it all
goodbye to friends hanging out at the mall

it's time to move on
it's graduation day

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Graduation Time

The day has finally arrived,
It's our graduation time,
From now till then, we'll look back on this diploma,
Knowing that we reached this far, knowing that we can do anything if we just put our minds to it.
So let's enjoy this very moment,
Dreaming things that we never dreamed before,
Dreaming that we will fly away with the birds to reach our goal in life someday.
So just remember this diploma lying in each of our hands show our parents how much we accomplished a great deal.

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