Graduation Day - Grimm
Just One More Year - Cool Cat

Grimm, 7/16/97

The more I look back on all the happy times
the easier it is for me to realize
that friends are much more then hellos and goodbye
it all comes down to what you have inside.

Yes, some are good singers and some are athletic
but that doesnt matter (are you starting to get it?)
all that is important is the feeling inside
if your white or black or green or blue eyed.

For me to sit and say "I wont miss this old place"
is wrong and untrue (cant you tell in my face?)
all the frinds and teachers meant so much to me
I dont know any place that i'd rather be.

"Those were the days", I'd here my parents say.
charish there years...each and everyday
The people you'll meet and the places you'll go
and the hurt once thats gone is more then you'll know.

All my friends will be leaving and i'll still be here
All my friends i'll be losing is my greatest fear
Promise you wont forget me as you go away,
promise you'll be back to see me someday!

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"For my bestest bud, Karen Lynn Stiles"

Cool Cat

From Girl Scouts to girl problems,
It's been a bumpy ride
There have been times of great laughter
and times of hurt pride.

For a year I was the snob
I wore the tennis sweaters and the attitude
For that year, I thought you a slob
Just because you were not me

The next year, we were best friends
Once again, you and me
Tied at the hip?
The only way to be!

A summer passed
And not much changed
But the pace got too fast
Only four years left

Ninth grade and a family thing
The Captain stole my heart
Your cousin of all people
But soon, he and I did part

After that I figured this
I paid more attention to the crush
And treasured time with you I did miss
No more tall dark and handsomes for me

Another year?
Tenth grade?
Yes, I fear
tis true, tis true

As time passes, Our differences make it fun
Beatles, Douglas Adams and the Who I say
Oh yah? Oh yah?
Metallica, Douglas Adams, and country are your way

Juniors are the best
Ha ha I won't miss you
I say in jest
Hee hee it's all in fun

I laugh a bit, but
When I realize what I say
I weep inside
" We have one more summer and two more Mays."

Thanks for being here all this time
You know I couldn't make it without you
( After all, to use the pay phone, I'll have to borrow a dime)
You keep me together, and I keep you from falling apart

Graduation will be bitter sweet
Hello, new life
Good bye I say I leave the seat
And grab the diploma, the key to an opened door
The key to a closed door

So, from me to you...
Crabalockerfishwife?( Beatles, who else?)
The thing about a bon bon...
His coat I tell you, I was grabbing for his coat ( I promise!)
And finally,
So Long and Thanks for all the fish! ( Our man, Dougie Adams)

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