General Friendship Poetry

Little - Ellen Strauss
Pink - Ray McAllister

"This is a poem I'd like to submit to your friendship page. It's sort of a downer."

Ellen Strauss

Remember when you were little
And the colors danced in your head
You picked out your favorite one
A deep crimson red

Remember when you were little
And you shouted out with glee
As you and your color laughed
Both happy as can be

Remember when you were little
And your color went away
Your sad little sobs filling the world
As you walked off alone to play

Remember when you were little
And it came in a sudden attack
When you realized that your color
Was never coming back

Remember when you were little
And you shouted out above
I wish I'd allowed myself
Just for once to feel love!

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"I wrote that last poem to a friend I lost contact with for 14 years. The reunion was like the awakening of a sleeping princess. "

14 January 97
Ray McAllister

Here you stand, my friend,
as our lives embrace through Heaven's pastel love,
the comfort and compassion of Yahweh's smile,
painted softly across your face.
You dream,
you hope,
you walk,
together with me through God's world of restoration,
sacrificial red blended with pure, white snow,
a serene, pink Paradise,
beyond the rainbow's edge.
How pleasant and refreshing is your healing touch,
that flows from a patience like the Master's Himself.
How ready you are to set aside your regular concerns,
to gently hold my weary, confused heart,
and color me once more with joy.
With such deep yet simple grace you hear,
you listen,
you care,
you understand,
you accept me in all I am and am not,
filling me with the ease of a flower,
friendship's new, pink bud.
O precious heart how free we dance,
through Heaven's fields of rest.

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