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We Need Each Other - Kyra
"Be My Friend" - NaNi Ratnawati


We need each other...
In times of private pain,
of fear and stress;

We need each other...
to share our joys,
our times of happiness;

We need each other...
to hold on and be strong, and
encourage when things are going wrong;

We need each other...
to keep the faith and love,
and remind each other of all
the things we're dreaming of;
We need each other... now and

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NaNi Ratnawati "woodward"
Bandung, Indonesia

"My life is just for friends..
I will never know the world if I am just alone, with no body speak to me, with no body invite me to the birthday party, to the cinema, to the "sale" market, and to anywhere..
I will never have a problem if I never fight with my friends, but I will always in trouble when I have no friends..
I will never feel happy or sad if I never share something together with my friends..
I will have nothing to remember if I just sit and sad because I have no friend
I will never meet a perfect guy to be my husband if I don't have any friends..
I will totally crazy if I don't have friends..
So please.. please.. Be my friend.. be my good friend, be my best friend.. past all events together.. please don't betray me..please don't make me dissapointed.. Please...
Just remember me if you want to share something, just call me if you are confuse who you can chat to, just take me go if you have no body to go somewhere, just order me to sing your song when you forget the words,
just invite me if you have a party and dont know who else you could invite..
Just always take a note of ME in your life.. now and forever.. from you
know me till you die..
Cause I am just a human being, who love to be loved and love to love my

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