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My Child - Lonnie A Cahoon
Forgotten Parent - Barb

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"Written for Stephen Dyal Cahoon-My Child----My Son"

Lonnie Alvin Cahoon
Monday 27 August 1990

My child and I will never see,
Each other in this, this phase that
we call life.
My child one night decided in strife
to take a trip out to the beautiful
sea, never to come back home to me.
My child sailed out in a wooden shoe,
a journey we each must take.
Never knowing that whom we leave
behind, that their hearts are going
to break.
Oh my child, I love and miss you so,
even though my hands never got to hold
your tiny little soul.
But you must go where the soldiers
go, out to the misty sea, knowing
in my aching heart that you'll never be
coming back home to me.

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When I am dead and over me bright April Shakes out her rain-drenched hair,
Though you shall lean over me broken-hearted,
I shall not care.

I shall have peace, as leafy trees are peaceful
When rain bends down the bough;
And I shall be more silent and cold-hearted
Than you are now.

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