Broken Friendships

We Once Were One - Manda
Walking As Angels - Ashley Schaefer


The day that we first met,
in my mind I still see,
you sitting in the lunch room, looking for some company.
I alone myself, sat down with you that day,
neither of us knowing what the hell to say.
But we got through the awkward times, and quickly came to be,
the best of friends to eachother, we could ever be.
The closer we grew, the more we left, the other world behind,
just me and you we jumped into a new place totally blind.
We prayed together our friendship forever, and always would stay the same,
but time has passed, only memories last, and little friendship remains.
WE ONCE WERE ONE! I screamed at you, I want my best friend back!
But we both realized at once it was that bond we lacked.
You think it doesn't hurt me, to see us back to two, looking to my left and right to see there is no you.
But we both are moving on now, lets do it gracefully, I hope our friendship still lives on in you memory.

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Ashley Schaefer

We laid back and let it all flow out
the topic of trust never once had a doubt,
for within my mind and heart as well
was an image and vibe as clear as a bell.
You were very special to me and more
I had a feeling inside I never felt before.
A trust so great and strong
I wanted this trust to take away all the wrong
and return to me a mended soul.
My mended soul would then release a new angel beside the other one
and together we would stroll the heavens,
our times are over and done.
For we have then won the battle within
and now we rest for created we have a personality twin,
Think alike, talk alike, say the same thing.

It is time we are to ascend
for we have reached the territory of a best friend.

But friendships break even the best of ones
then all me have established becomes undone.
Your job as my angel is then complete
because you have left me with only my pen and sheet.
I am now forced to record what I feel to something unlike you and I,
it's not real.
I'm talking to myself, every single word
I write to paper but what I'm saying goes left unheard.

All this because of you my angel,
you are no longer beside me
though I beg and plea
our friendship just wasn't meant to be.

But do not worry my pen is okay
For within my heart our memories will always stay,

because a part of you will be with me always, to forget you

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