Broken Friendships

Remember - Claire
What If? - Claire

© November 20th, 1996
Melbourne, Australia

As I sit alone
With the warm sun on my back
I realise something’s missing
A part of me which lacks.

Could it be the trees,
Reaching for the sky?
Or could it be the children,
Walking home, who pass me by?

Perhaps, I miss the birds,
Chirping sweetly above my head?
All I feel is restlessness
A part of me is dead.

I know now what it is.
Now I realise what is wrong.
It’s the feeling, they call solitude,
All my friends are gone.

Of course I know,
That as we grow,
We have to make our way,
We all must plot a different course,
To go by everyday.

I always thought my friendships,
Would be round,
Just like the moon
But you see,
I am not ready,
For it all to end so soon.

I miss their happy laughter,
Floating on the wind.
I miss the many secrets,
That circulate within.

The only way to keep,
Our friendships woven tight,
Is to keep in contact always,
And then we’ll be alright!

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Friends tell you their secrets
Friends are meant to share
Friends are meant to cheer you up,
What happens when they’re not there?

Is it hard when you don’t have
Someone to lean upon?
When you need a friend to care,
but they, your friends, have gone?

What if you were split
Up from your best friend?
Do you think you’d care
If your friendship ends?

Would you slowly drift apart,
Go in separate ways?
Or would you both grow closer
Grow closer day by day?

What if your friends started
Saying things behind your back?
Would you stand and face them,
Or would your courage lack?

Perhaps it would be safer
To let your friendships mend,
Push these thoughts behind you,
And make the questions end.

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