Best Friends

Thanks - Sheila Cheasbro
Alcsis - Tim Jones

"This is a poem I recently sent to a new, but very dear friend of mine, Kathy Allan. She has constantly encouraged me throughout some very difficult times in my life (when I thought my life should end), even at time when she herself needed the encouragement more. So, Kathy, this one for you....."

Sheila Cheasbro

You're my friend because you're always there,
If there's sadness around or in the air,
At night, in the morning or anytime of day,
You're there to cheer me up and chase the sadness away.

I just want to thank you for all you've done,
You've helped me through a lot, you're really number one.
Thanks for all the good times that we share,
It shows that you're one who really does care.

Thanks for being there when time got rough,
You make it easier when times get too tough
Thanks for being there each and every day,
Thanks for being you in that very special way.

(Kathy, if there is EVER ANYTHING I can do to help you, no matter when or what time it is, I AM HERE FOR YOU, MY FRIEND!! ALWAYS!!! Smile Often!!!)

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"I wrote this for a dear friend of mine. She is someone younger than me, who in many ways I look up to."

Tim Jones

Now, who you are is who I know,
After you as a person began to grow.
Looking at you is like looking in the mirror,
And what you say makes my life clearer.

It seems what good I've done, you've shared
For this you know not how I've cared.
From you, often I must draw strength
You give my patience with life its length.

Things with meaning are in your presence
Looking me in the eye is your essence.
You know my thoughts after just one glance,
Letting you in, glad I gave you the chance.

You were too strong and I too weak
Your absolute trust, what I would seek.
Now, I've got yours and you've got mine
So, I always know everything's fine.

I've come to know this, and it's true,
I seldom question myself when I'm with you.
I hang on your words, the little things you say,
I'm happy, reminded of what you said yesterday.

It's these things I've wanted to share,
To let you know how much I care.
For you and few others I'd take the fall,
So that you might have, I'd risk all.

Our respect for each other is well earned,
As Jesus, since the grotto, in our hearts has burned.
As I felt small and the winds of change blew,
My life was made significant with the presence of you.

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