Best Friends

Karen - Amber Crossley
You Were There For Me - Erin Porter

"My best friend wrote this for me and it was the best gift anyone has ever given to me."

Amber Crossley

"I care about him too much," she says
She's wearing flannel pajamas and a college sweatshirt
She'd always gone for comfort
Comfort and a good bowl of ice cream
She refuses to cry
And I watch her and admire her strength
And I admire her sensitivity
I'd flipped out one time and she had to wrestle the knife away from me
I saw her eyes that night when she threw the knife across the room
When she told me I couldn't hurt myself 'cause she'd miss me
We were Siamese twins once- joined at the hip
We're just people now
Nothing special...about me at least
She appreciates everything
She goes through his drawers and tells me the meaning of it all
She opens my eyes
She's never had anyone that deserved her
She's never been on a pedestal to anyone...
She laughs as she helps me up when I'd fallen
"I don't think you know how smart you are" she tells me
And I watch her eyes water
She could talk for hours
All night, if acting happy didn't take up so much damn energy
I wish she didn't have to act anymore
I wish life wasn't such a movie
I'm sick of all those fighting scenes
And crying scenes
And I know she is too, but she's always been such a good actress
She laughs when I walk in the rain
She's always been more fond of the sun
She likes nice weather when she goes to get the mail.

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Erin Porter

Words escape me
at this moment
that seems like the end
yet it is only the beginning
when friendships are close
and dreams are far
you were there for me.
Tears fill me
with memories of both good and bad
some nearly forgetton
yet all dear to the heart
you were there for me.
In times of trouble
and in times of thanks
you stood by my side
and held me up.
Through your ever-patient ears
to your comforting hugs
you were there for me.
From that first day
when I saw you and knew
that you would love me for who I was
you were there for me.
And until the day
when we are old and gray
I will always know that
you are there for me.

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