Best Friends

What You Are To Me - Ruth M Ross
"Shining Star" - Sherry L. Carty
Friendship, Sonnet #2 - Melissa Kress

Here's my submission. I wrote it for a wonderful lady in Georgia who has been a dear friend for several years. She's almost twice my age, but I love her to pieces. She really liked it when I gave it to her.

Ruth M. Ross

A quick glance, a tender smile,
I am caught in a spell.

A gentle touch, a warm embrace,
I know that all too well.

A soft voice, an unspoken love,
Across the way I see.

A kind face, an inner beauty,
That's what you are to me.

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Dedicated to my friend, Lisa Strine....

Melissa Kress

We had a friendship pure and true,
A friendship time could never cease,
That in sad moments, could renew,
And bring to us release,
We had a friendship, you and I,
That was taken much for granted.
We thought that it would never die,
Much like the seed that we have planted.
And in such haste did we forget,
The love required to grow,
And at our feet it shall be set,
Drowning from feelings never shown.
Maybe we can save this seed before its time is through,
For I've never had a friendship, as the one i have with you.

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