Best Friends

Touch My Heart - Cheryl
A letter to a Friend... - Anon


Do you know how I feel when you touch my heart
Can you hear me cry inside at your silent embrace
Do you see the fear I keep hidden away
Can you feel the pain I never show

I can't help but smile when you touch my heart
You can't know the warmth it brings me
I can't bring myself to share the love
You can't see the hope in my soul

If only I too touch your heart
I only try to ease your fears
If only I could help as much
I only wish I were as true

Do you know you touch my heart
I love you being in my life
Do you feel the way I do
Do you know you touch my heart

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"This poem is dedicated to my music teacher, who has been my biggest inspiration, and who has become my best friend. Through lots of fights and after getting into lots of strife, we've shown that professional barriers and age can't stand in the way of special friends."


You reign above each one I know with the love I will forever bear
The love of thanks and admiration from the depths of a heart that carries life twelve years too late.

If comfort, strength and inspiration come from heaven, then you ny friend, are an angel

"Friend", such a word that carries not few enough meanings - these meanings of which in circumstance we can not agree.

"Friend", I sit and question in the darkness of light . . .the lightness of day . . . but still will see, will hope, will make believe much more than your practical theory - the truth

I understand but cannot accept the locks and bars of professionalism.

I long not for the games, but the closeness of a companionship with the one who understands my dreams, and is a constant reminder of who I want to be.

Friends shake their heads, they say I've changed.
I though, am nodding, and I raise my hand to a teacher as a student always should, not stepping out of line, not calling out loud.

From a "friend" and student.

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