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You Are My Best Friend - Francia Diego
To Jessie - Alex

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"Here's a poem for my best friend Lauren B. I'll be more then happy if you could put it in your best friends page."

You Are My Best Friend
Francia Diego

You are my best friend through thick and thin. When
You reach for my hand you touch my heart. You are
The bestest friend that i can have.

You are there for me when i need you the most. You
Cheer me up when i am down. If i am about to cry u
Make me smile. You are my bestest friend and i can
Not lie.

You listen to me and give me advice, advice that comes
Straight from the bottom of your precious heart. You are
My best friend in the whole wide world and i couldn't ask
God for a little bit more.

We are going to grow older, and things will change but our
Friendship will forever still remain. I'll make new friends but
That won't change because you will always be my best friend.

I'd like to mean as much to you as you mean to me. I'd like to
Be some help to you as you have been to me. I'd like to know
That as we grow old our lives will change but that our

Friendship will still remain.

Me and you will never be apart maybe in distance but never in
Heart for our friendship is way to strong to let it go off
just like

All i can say is that you are my best friend and i swear to God
That i don't want it to change. I may move to a different state but
That doesn't mean that our friendship will end, because you will
Always be my best friend. No matter what life has destined for us
I know that our friendship will never die.

Love you always,
F.D.D C/O "01"

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"Happy Birthday!"

~*~*~*To Jessie*~*~*~

When I moved to Miami, it was a big change
Heavy traffic, crazy Cubans, it all seemed so strange
I would sit around at home and think about people in Key West I missed the most
because there was no one here with whom I was really close
Finally I have been blessed with a friendship that's true
I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you
I'm amazed at how quickly our friendship has grown
As long as you are in this world, I know I'll never be alone
I was so shy, you helped me loosen up
You helped me in sticky situations when I was stuck
In tough times, you told me everything would be okay
You brought out the sunshine when I had a cloudy day
You brought comfort in stressful times with your love and care
I am so lucky for the bond that we share.
I knew our friendship would last forever right from the start
I love you Jessie Greb, sister, with all of my heart
*Muah* 143 67
Love Alex

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