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Best Friends

You Were There - Beth Ensminger
A Friend Is Someone... - Krystine Ose

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"Even though my friend Beth wrote this I would like to dedicate it to her because no matter what happen she was always there to give you a great big hug. And no matter what you needed she would be there like a faithful puppy dog. So she is the best person in the world and she deserves everything in the world but all I give her is love and she says that's all she needs. So Bethany Ensminger I love you, you are my best friend and hope you know how much you mean to me. Love always Krystine Ose."

You Were There
Beth Ensminger, sent by Krystine Ose

When no one was there for me
And I thought that no one cared
When the whole world walked out on me
And I thought I was alone
You were there

When the one I cared about the most
Could care less about me
When the one I gave my heart to
Threw it in my face
You were there

When the person I trusted
Betrayed me
When the person I shared a lot of memories with
Can't even remember my birthday
You were there

When all I needed was a friend
To listen to me whine
When all I needed was someone
To catch my tears
You were there

When my heart hurt so bad
I couldn't even breath
When I just wanted to crawl up and die
You were there

When I started to cry
After hearing that sad song
When thew tears just wouldn't
Stop falling down
You were there

So you see I will be there until the end
This is a promise I can make
If you ever need me
Just give me a call
I will be there just as you were there for me

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"I dedicate this poem to my best friend in the whole world Katie. You were always there trough both Ashleys and the boys. I hope you realize how much you mean to me."

Krystine Ose

A friend is someone who cares
Someone who is always there

A friend is someone special
Someone who you can tell everything

A friend is someone who will never betray you
No matter who doesn't like you

A friend is someone you can trust
Someone kind of like you

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