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For My Best Friend - Anon
Megha - Niharika Malhotra

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"This is written for my best friend Mandy, who has helped me through the bad and good times... And has never turned her back on me. "

For My Best Friend

This is for you, my best friend,
the one person i can tell my soul too
Who can relate to me like no other
Who I can laugh with to no extents,
Who I can cry too when times are tough,
Who can help me with the problems of my life.

Never have you turned your back on me
Or told me I wasnt good enough
Or let me down

I don't think you know what that means to me
You have went through so much pain and you still have time
For me.
And I love you for listening even when inside YOU are dying
And I look up too you because you are strong,
and caring
and beautiful.
Even though you don't think you are.

And I hope you know that I am always here
To listen to you laugh and cry and help
In all the ways that i can
And I will try to be at least half the friend you are
To me.

I hope you know I would not be the person I am today, with out you.
My best friend.

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"This is for my best buddy in the whole world - Megha"

Niharika Malhotra

you are that kind of a jewel to me,
who is as precious as the,
diamond which sinked,
when the titanic sanked.

you are that kind of a star,
that always sparkles and,
looks different from others.
you are that star with whom,
i sometimes talk,
when i am sad.

you are that talking picture to me,
with whom i talk,
when i fell awkward to say,
something in front of you.

you are that friend to me,
to the destiny has forgot to give me as,

you are like a beautiful rainbow to me,
who makes me smile,
when i've been through a storm.

you are not less than,
a comic character,
whom i love a lot and,
who makes me fell happy and laugh.

you are the one who makes me feel that,
i am someone and,
i have cetain duties to carry on.

you are like an inspiration to me,
when i've lost all hopes,
and you bring out a world inside of me,
that i never knew i had.

you are the one friend,
for whom i would,
like to take millions of births,
to thank you,
for what you have done for me-----from the begining to the end.

you are the friend,
infront of whom,
i never make excuses,
and never tells lies.
because you know me,
better than anyone would ever had.
you know me by my faults and demerits,
rather than my,
few good points.

you are a friend,
who is always close to me,
on whom i can always count on,
who multiplies my JOYS and SORROWS,
by a smile and a laugh.

you are a friend,
who knows what i am thinking.
What my likes and dislike are,
what i wished to be,
and that always think good of me.

you are like a candle,
who's flame glows brighter,
at the time of darkness.

you are a friend,
with whom i celebrate,
the happiness you give to me,
with whom i would like to make,
everyday of my life-----A HOLIDAY,
and want to celebrate it as never before.

you are a friend,
who always forgives me,
even though when i am wrong.

you are friend,
who is always there,
will be always there,
in my life, no matter what.
and not like the waves upon the sand,
day and night.

YOU and I are something else,
like the permanent things,
there fatty me,
or my smeely socks,
which never goes away.

you are a friend,
who will accompany me,
to the end,
no matter what!

you are a friend,
to whom i would like,
to give one gift,
as the others do.
because except this,
i don't have he ther precious gift for you.

you are a friend,
to whom,
i hate to say GOOD BYE,
because i need you and,
want you to be always,
near and closer to me.

each day spent with you is better than the last.
and my first day spent with you was the best day of my life.

you are the friend,
who thinks i am a good egg,
even though you know,
i am slightly cracked.

you are a friend,
who has given me everything.
from a good advice,
to a pep talk,
when i was sad.

you are the reason,
for my smile.
you are the reason,
for my sucess.
you are the reason,
for my good behavior with others.
you are the reason,
for everything good in me.

you are a friend,
i sometimes share a silence,
yet feel so comfortable.

you are a friend,
who never let me realized,
that i am not in a level with you,
that i don't deserve you,
that i am not as good and as great as you are,
and that,
as beautiful and as nice by heart as you.

you never looked down upon me but ,
always encouraged me.

to have a friend like you,
is my highest delight of my life.

you are a friend,
that provides me with strength,
when i need the most.

i value you more than i value my life.
so, when i say, YOU ARE MY FRIEND, it's just means,

Now we are a kind of friends,
who have shared,
so much laughter,
so many tears.
i know,
we are not sister by birth,
but sisters,
whom destiny has forgot to give us,
and there's something,
that puts us together by hearts.

I THANK YOU for all the,
kindness, honesty, warmth and goodness,
you have shown to me.
And in return,
i have the,

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