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Best Friends

All Roads Lead Back To You - M.A. Dolly
Real Chum - Fides

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“The roads we travel not always so kind...
at the end a friend we can always find"

M. A. Dolly

Cold black stone
Left me standing here all alone
A road I’ve found no end
So many bumps and turns
Still you leave me with another bend

Twisted and curved I follow
Deep within my heart cold and hollow
Winding and turning I continued on
So many roads have come and gone

One day I set out to find the right path
Frustated, sad and confused
Only to find myself feeling its wrath
I moved along,
My Soul, tormented and bruised

Standing at a fork in this God forsaken place
Tired, scared and all alone
Tears of sorrow streaked my face
I fall, hitting hard, the cold black stone

A gentle touch upon my shoulder
Not knowing, not willing to understand
I turned to see you standing there
Outstretched arm with a helping hand.........

I thank God for the day you were created
And smile each time you look my way
The road has warmed and all my sorrows were tamed
Within my heart your friendship and love will always remain.

So the next road I travel frightening and new
I will walk without pain or sorrow
Not before, but knowing this now
All my roads will lead back to you

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Succumbed by the words you’ve uttered
Feeling of lost and asking for direction
Needing a shoulder when I want to lean on
Waiting for an open ears to listen of my woes
But, there you are cuddling my heart to hang-on….

You showed me how vast the darkness at night
But somewhere you emphasized that shining star
That stands alone inspite of the clouds that hatched
Then denuded my eyes about how willed my soul is
For you regard me as the shining star that can stand….

That point I realized I’ve found someone along the road
Who tries to held my hand when I start to weaken
Those acts had inspired me define a real friend
Which I maybe blind for sometime but I now I can see
For now I considered you not a friend but a real chum I have….

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