Best Friends

Just A Poem About Her - Steven
"Thank you" - Casey

"I promised my best pal, Donna, to send in this poem I wrote for her. Please put this in your page, I bet a buck with her for this..."


Well I hope that you're happy,
now that I wrote this dumb poem for you!
Remember that ugly puppy you saw,
I bought it for you too.

I can almost picture
that stupid grin on you face;
Just make sure you keep that fleabag away from me
when I drop by at your place.

Okay... the truth is
I'm sorry about what I said the other day.
When I called you a pig,
I meant piggish in a nice kinda way.

This is embarassing,
but... er... you're not fat.
In fact, I think you are very pretty.
(Not that I'm gonna marry you or anything like that!)

I just want you to know
that you'll always be my best friend;
and that I'll be there for you from the beginning
till the end.

This really sounds disgusting,
doesn't it?
Promise not to let your sister read this poem,
and give me back my Alanis Morrisette CD by the end of this week!!

Just me,

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"i'm not sure if this is what you are looking for.. but this was a poem i wrote as a thank you to my best friend who saved my life many times... sometimes with something as small as a smile."


You made me remember the good times
When i could only remember the bad
You promised me a return
Of the peace i long ago had
You never left me alone
When that was what i wrongly thought i needed
You never dwelt on my faults
Instead you pointed out when i had succeeded
You made me laugh
When i felt i would cry
You made me live
When i wished to die.

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